Latest update 11Sep2007


It has been over 2 years now and as the anniversary came close I realized that I am not over it yet. I am not sure I ever will be "over it".

This is one daughter’s drive to help her hometown; it has grown well beyond my anything I could have imagined.


Blanket Brigade started out as being for Bay St. Louis, MS - Hurricane Katrina Relief but it has grown far beyond that. The Blanket Brigade has served Hancock County, parts of Harrison County and even some in Jackson County. Four Northern MS counties are also being assisted including battered women’s shelters.

We are expanding to the needs of the people. I must ask that you, the wonderful donors of goods, expand with us. There is still a great need for blankets on the MS Gulf Coast but the people need even more than just blankets. With the start of the New Year I updated list of things that are needed.

If you can send only one item on the list, know that it will be greatly appreciated and you have helped a great deal. If you can afford to send more, then please do, as so many are in need.

blankets, quilts, throws, sleeping bags, etc. Click for the original “Blanket Brigade” start page

plastic, zippered mattress covers (queen & twin)

small electric heaters

sheets (queen & twin)

towels & wash cloths

dish towels & dish cloths

pots & pans

electric cookers (crock pots, grills, electric skillets, etc)

coffee pots

plates, bowls, glasses & cups


cooking utensils

kitchen knives

sealable plastic bins so thing can be stored outside

With my family through out Hancock, my sister working at Garden Park Hospital and knowing people from all the areas, I think we can get things to people who need them. We have been thus far.

Donations can be mailed to my Sister & Brother-in-law:

Michael & Theresa Kirk
400 Blaize Avenue
Bay St.
Louis, MS 39520

Thank You to the following for their contributions - click here for the list

If you are going to be in the area, please let us know. Michael & Theresa enjoy meeting those who donate and having them help in the distribution process.

Financial donations and gift cards will be accepted to purchase items as needed, but not required or requested as I will not ask for people to send me money or gift cards and "trust" me. That is so lame. But if you don't want to personally mail items, Wal-Mart and many other stores do sell online and ship for you.

Only we can help the MS Gulf Coast, one day at a time.


Victoria Wilkins-Jones

former resident of
Ballentine Street in Bay St. Louis, MS
Waveland, MS resident
now living in NC because of work

Post Hurricane Katrina Stories and Poetry


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Two thirds of the money paid goes to hurricane relief for the MS Gulf Coast.