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latest update 15Dec2005

This is one daughters drive to help her home town.

Blanket Brigade for Bay St. Louis, MS - Hurricane Katrina Relief.

I will use the term "blanket" to mean quilt, blanket, throw, sheets, pillows, etc. Anything you would use on the bed or to wrap in to keep warm.

As you all know, winter is here and so many on the Gulf Coast are with out homes. Even those with homes have lost so much. Many have lost all the possessions inside the homes.

I am on a mission to get blankets to the people of the MS Gulf Coast. Even if only one blanket can be sent, that is one child that will not go cold this winter, probably more since there will be multiple people sleeping in one bed.

Please do what you can to help.

No Sew Blanket Ideas

FABRIC.COM Site for quilting fabrics

FABRIC.COM Site for fleece fabrics has graciously donated fabric to our Blanket Brigade in support of our efforts. I would like to thank them for their contribution.

Through donations, I was able to give the BSL police/firemen a U-haul TV box FULL of fleece blankets and a few baby blankets back in early October.

With me having family in BSL and Waveland, my Sis works at Garden Park Hospital and knows people from all the areas, I think we can get things to people who need them. We have been thus far.

Blankets can be mailed to:

My Sister & Brother-in-law:

Michael & Theresa Kirk
313 Ballentine Street
St. Louis, MS 39520


Irma Wheelden
315 Ballentine Street
St. Louis, MS 39520

Please send items to my sister at this time and hold off from sending more items to Mom. I think she is a bit overwhelmed with everything and has many things of her own she must take care of right now. The response has been wonderful and I thank each person who has contributed and/or passed on the information to others.

Thank You to the following for their contributions - click here for the list

If you are in the area they are welcome to stop by Mom's and check on how things are going. There will probably be several people around since there are 2 FEMA trailers set up in the 2 yards there and Mom is in her house (house next door needs serious renovations that will take place)

Financial donations will be accepted to purchase bedding, but not required or requested as I will not ask for people to send me money and "trust" me. That is so lame. But if you don't want to personally mail a blanket, Wal-Mart and many other stores do sell online and ship for you.

Only we can help the MS Gulf Coast, one day at a time, and one blanket at a time.

01Dec2005 - Current blanket count at well over 1000 blankets delivered to the people of Hancock County from this Blanket Brigade.


Victoria Wilkins Jones

former resident of
Ballentine Street in Bay St. Louis, MS
Waveland, MS resident
now living in NC because of work

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